Saturday, July 2, 2011

the ghettos try'na kill me

so heres a summer mix tape i put together from the depths of the musical mindfuck
that has been my life these
past few weeks living in my rabbit hole in cotati. please listen to this loudly on a nice speaker system and also while swimming in a river
happy summer ya'll

coast to coast killer by EmberSmall

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  1. Ember! i finally found your blog. You have some amazing pictures. I think you and the camera are becoming one! I really like the candid shots you have of the people and the scenic shots from the south. I got your letter and sent you one back. I'm hoping you'll get it this time. I've started looking for a job again. Hope to see and hear from you soon, whether it be thru the binary codes or in the skeptical reality. much love, Julio